This post is an important part of the whole journey of making $3500 per month: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today i will tell you How to install Detube theme in wordpress and configure it

If you do not know already then Detube is the best theme for making easy thousands of dollars through adult tube websites like i do (read article: Detube theme review for adult tubes). If you are serious about making huge passive income every month then i would request to to make a small investment in this theme as the ROI (Return on Investment) will be massive.

I you have already bought the theme then it is time to install the theme in your WordPress website and configure it. If you have not already then read this article before moving forward: How to install the WordPress in your Godaddy hosting

Firstly you need to open the Dashboard of your wordpress website by visiting the url www.yoursitename.com/wp-admin and then logging in with your login details. The Dashboard will look something like this: install detube theme and configure it dashboard

Go to Appearance –> Themes

install detube theme and configure it add new theme

Click on Add New –> Upload theme –> Browse

After giving the path of the RAR file of your theme upload it, wordpress will automatically install it allyou need to do is activate it.

If the wordpress is unable to install your theme, then Use godaddys file manager to install theme. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Go to godaddys hosting Cpanel
  2. Open file manager
  3. Go to the folder of your website
  4. Open wp-content –> Themes
  5. And upload the folder of your theme there (use google chrome as godaddy only allow chrome to upload a folder)
  6. Your theme will automatically be installed, all you need to do is activate it at your wordpress dashboard


Now as the theme is installed you need to configure the best settings to give you maximum pageviews and revenue. I will tell you the settings i use which i have found to be the best after years of experimenting. Go and read Best settings for Detube Theme for Adult SEO and Maximizing profit

Tip: Read this article : WordPress plugins that maximize earnings and SEO

If i missed some point or you were not able to understand something, please share your query in the comments section below. I will be quick to reply to all the queries

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